We are a group of developers writing software solutions to solve common software building problems. Our goal is to provide a highly reused set of components that advances software building technology.


B2 makes it easy to build C++ projects, everywhere. B2 has been the primary build system for the Boost C++ Libraries for many years. The main development now lives here at BFG in order to grow the audience outside of Boost.

  • Visit the B2 section for additional information, documentation and downloads.

Duck Invoke

A simple to use, single header, tag_invoke utility for C++11.


A simple to use, composing, command line parser for C++ 11 and beyond. The header only library makes creating and using common cases of command lines easy and natural.

  • Check out the web-site for more information.

CI Playground

In a single repository we collect, and experiment, with building a C++ program in a variety of Cloud Continuous Integration free providers. We hope to make it easier to get people using the large number of free build and testing resources available to Open Source Software authors.

  • For periodic releases and the living demonstration see the repo at the GitHub project.

C++ Tooling Statistics

Here we collect and present a variety of performance metrics for C++ tools. The goal is to illuminate the current state of the C++ tooling ecosystem to inform future directions for improvements.

  • Read about the statistics in the web-site.


This is library proposes to standardize the build interface for compiling C++ source. This is both a specification and an implementation proof. As such it provides both a library that can be used to build upon and a minimal std_cpp tool for some common C++ compilers.


A Jam/B2 build description language lexer for Pygments. This allows syntax coloring of Jam/B2 source code for any tool that uses the Pygments module. Which includes Asciidoctor with the appropriate extension.


This project is now dormant as it was merged into the Conan mainline release. It’s here for historical reference.

This Conan package is a full feature generator for the B2 build system. It’s a multi-generator that respects the multi-variant nature of B2 while making it easy to use Conan.